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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Have a Great Idea on How to Teach Math? These Teachers Do!

Many teachers have great ideas on how to make their classrooms a better place for their students to learn math.  The teachers’ ideas frequently outrun the budget schools have for supplies and their own ability to subsidize their classroom.  The Somerville Mathematics Fund tries to fill this need through the generosity of their donors.  Jay Landers and Jasper Lawson and the Bickoff family from Commercial Cleaning Service each sponsored multiple grants. Lali and Jay Haines, William Kuhlman, and Winter Hill Bank each sponsored a teacher's grant.  The rest of the grants were funded thanks to the combined generosity of everyone who contributed to the Math Fund’s annual fundraiser.  The following teachers won grants to encourage and support mathematics achievement in the classrooms of Somerville.

These Teacher Grants were funded by the many generous donors who together contributed enough in our annual  fundraiser to support all of them.  There is power in donations of many sizes coming together to support the larger whole.

• Laura Bauer, Argenziano School (4th SEI-Integrated), Math Manipulatives plus Carpet
• Meghan Berube, Brown School (1st), Wooden Unit Blocks
• Jayne Campos, Argenziano School (1st), Think Tank
• Amanda M Chamberlin, Argenziano School (2nd, SEI-Integrated), Rug
• Susanne Douglas, Healey School (1st), Math Center Materials
• Donna Driscoll, Argenziano School & East Somerville Community School (Math Coach), Math Manipulatives
• Michael Fitzpatrick, St Catherine’s School (1st), Math Learning Centers
• Diana Garity, Argenziano School (2nd Newcomer Sheltered English Immersion), Renenrek Materials
• Caroline Grascia-DiPaolo, Winter Hill Community Innovation School (Autism Specialist), Math Manipultives
• Tzu-Ting (Ting-Ting) Han, Winter Hill Community Innovation School (1st Integrated SEIP), Math Center Materials
• Jennifer Kelly, Argenziano School (4th-SEI), Math Manipulatives
• Jennifer Kuszmar & Meredith Rothstein, Winter Hill Community Innovation School (K-1st & 2nd-3rd, Autism Teachers), Math Manipulatives
• Maddie Mayerson, Healey School (1st), Math Learning Center and Think Tank
• Anthony Pane, Healey School (5th math & ELA), Math Manipulatives and Think Tank
• Lauren Reilly, Healey School (1st), Math Learning Center and Games
• Halley H Snelling, Argenziano School (2nd Integrated), Rug
• Samantha Song, Kennedy School (1st), Storage, Math Storybooks, and Manipulatives

The Math Fund wants to thank  Jay Landers and Jasper Lawson for generously underwriting the following teacher grants:
• Katie Starbuck, Healey School (K-5 Math Coach), Number Talks: Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
• Barbara Strell, Healey School (Resource Room Teacher), Take-Home Math Games
• Meaghan Tubridy, Argenziano School (1st-3rd Special Education), Math Manipulatives
• Emily Voigt, Brown School (1st), Math Games

The Math Fund wants to thank the Bickoff Family of the Commercial Cleaning Service for generously underwriting the following teacher grants:
• Laura Bonnell, East Somerville Community School (3rd Grade Team), Family Math Game Afternoon
• Caroline Martha Burkard, East Somerville Community School (4th), Math Manipulatives

The Math Fund wants to thank each of the following for generously underwriting a teacher grant:

William Kuhlman:
• Angela Rodriguez, Argenziano School (3rd SEI-Integrated), Math Manipulatives and Games

Lali and Jay Haines:
• Aileene Martinez, East Somerville Community School (1st Grade Team), Family Math Afternoon Materials and Math Games

The Winter Hill Bank:
• Francis Carino, Winter Hill Community Innovation School (4th Math & Science), Math Manipulatives

The Somerville Mathematics Fund was chartered in 2000 to celebrate and encourage achievement in mathematics in the city of Somerville, Massachusetts.  Over eighteen years, the Somerville Math Fund has awarded $113,844 in teacher grants supporting two hundred ninety-one teachers’ projects in the city of Somerville along
with emergency grants to East Somerville teachers after the devastating school fire.

In early April, the fund will be seeking applications from students who reside in Somerville for college mathematics scholarships.  Links to the scholarship application form is available at  www.somervillemathematicsfund.org   For more information, to volunteer or to make a tax-deductible contribution, please contact Erica Voolich (617-666-0666 or mathfund@gmail.com).

The link to this post is http://somervillemathematics.blogspot.com/2018/01/have-great-idea-on-how-to-teach-math.html

Erica Dakin Voolich@2018

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