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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scrapheap Showdown 2010 -- Moving on up!

On October 24th, twelve teams of 3 students each competed in the 6th annual Scrapheap Showdown.  Tufts University generously hosted us in the Cousens Gym.

This year's problem was probably our biggest challenge because the students needed 4 hours to complete it.  The challenge was to move up to 15 each of cocoons, marbles and/or bottle caps from a table top on the floor to a standing table.  Their machines couldn't come within 12 inches of the upper table.  There were three small targets on table -- students got point for landing on the table and many more points if they could land within the targets.  There were bonus points for moving multiple types of objects into the targets and for landing in multiple targets.

The winning team had three elevators (see right) leading up to ramps with openings directly over the desired targets.  Each elevator was operated by a counterweight on the far left end of the machine.  Students would load the items to move into the cup elevator close to the floor (on right), and then the student on the left would release the weight.

The pictures of all of the other teams, along with their projects are on this link:

Scrapheap photos

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