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Monday, February 13, 2012

Mathematics Teacher Grant Winners Announced

The Somerville Mathematics Fund is pleased to announce the winners of their 2012 grants to teachers who are working on providing the students in Somerville with exciting, challenging  and creative mathematics in their classrooms.  This  year through the generosity of John Bullock they were able to fund a wonderful set of grants.

If you know any of these wonderful teachers, be sure to congratulate them on a job well-done.

• Annette Fiore Bassett at Winter Hill Community School for “K-2 & 3-5 Family Mathematics Nights”
• Laura Bonnell at East Somerville Community School at  Edgerly for “3rd grade Success Day”
• Sally Brith at Next Wave for “Pre-Algebra Curriculum Materials”
• Frances Carino at Winter Hill Community School (4th) for “Math Games”
• Margaret Clapham & Kate Briggs at Healey School (3rd, 4th) for “Think Tank and Figure It Materials”
• Adriane Cruz-Cioppa at Argenziano School (2nd SEIP) for “Resource Activity Center”
• Kristy Desilets at Unidos, East Somerville Community School at Cummings for “Think Tank and Math Games”
• Donna Driscoll at Argenziano School (SEIP, Unidos)  for “K-2, 3-5 Bilingual Family Mathematics Nights”
• Benjamin Hehn at Kennedy School (5th) for “Calculators and Mathematical Posters”
• Cathy Hughes at Kennedy School (1st) for “Math Materials to send home and to differentiate in class”
• Eileen MacDonnell at Healey School (3rd) for “Math Game and Literature”
• Charlene O’Neill at Winter Hill Community School (4th) for “Math Games”
• Roxanne Scrima at Kennedy (K) for “Materials for parent/child activities”
• Zachary Shufran at Winter Hill Community School (3rd-8th,  ELL) “Mathematics Magazines”
• Sharon Sotiros at Kennedy (K) for “Materials for parent/child activities”
• Kathryn Sousa at Argenziano School (1st, SEIP) for “Mathematics Activities for Small Groups”
• Celia Taylor at Healey School for “K-2 Family Mathematics Night”
• Alison Walton at Healey School for “Mathematics Materials for classroom & Take-home”
• Linda Wiegenfeld at East Somerville Community School at Edgerly for “2 – 4 Family Mathematics Night"

            The Somerville Mathematics Fund, an affiliate of the national scholarship organization Dollars for Scholars, was chartered in 2000 to celebrate and encourage achievement in mathematics in the city of Somerville, Massachusetts.  Over eleven years, the math fund has awarded $55,835 in teacher grants in the city of Somerville.

           The Somerville Mathematics Fund is an all-volunteer organization and is able to fund these teacher grants and scholarships based solely on the generosity of their supporters.  You can donate online by going to Community Room thanks to Eastern Bank.

            In early April, the fund will be seeking applications from students who reside in Somerville for college mathematics scholarships.  Copies of the scholarship application form is available at  www.somervillemathematicsfund.org   For more information, to volunteer or to make a tax-deductible contribution, please contact Erica Voolich (666-0666 or mathfund@gmail.com).

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