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Monday, June 27, 2011

SMF goes to the School Committee Meeting

Last Monday, The Somerville Mathematics Fund was honored to be recognized by the Somerville School Committee for their work in Somerville and their winning the Outstanding Dollars for Scholars Chapter in New England for 2011.  Some of the members of the SMF board were able to attend and Paul Bockelman presented us with a framed congratulatory certificate from the whole School Committee.

The Somerville School School Committee devoted the first part of their meeting to recognizing retiring teachers, the Duhamel School Initiative, teachers winning Duhamel grants, and The Somerville Mathematics Fund.   The Duhamel School Initiative received a surprise award: Outstanding School Partner Award from the  Massachusetts Association of School Committees.  The Duhamel Initiative has been doing wonderful work in Somerville for the past 15 years and deserves this recognition.  Congratulations to them!

As the President of the Mathematics Fund, I was able to offer some words to the School Committee.

I took the time to thank the larger community.  The success of The Somerville Mathematics Fund is the result of many people.  Many people donate time and money.  The teachers who apply for a grant give their time to implement their wonderful ideas that we are able to fund.  The teachers also write the letters of recommendation for the scholarship applicants and recruit the high school volunteers for math nights and recruit the Scrapheap teams.  The teachers also organize and run the K-5 math nights and co-plan the middle school math celebrations of math, such as Pi Night.  The students volunteer their time and also study so they are ready to use the scholarships that we're able to award.  Basically, the success of The Somerville Mathematics Fund is a community success.  Thank you.

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